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Minecraft instructions mods!!!


Greentext - Set this to true if you want messages that begin with '>' to be colored light green
Quakecolors - When true, any message featuring quake style color codes like '^4 this text is red' will be turned RED. The color codes are from 0123456789abcdef. Theres a feature in place to make sure none of my color scripts ever crash your server.
/Tphere - When true all commands that use /tphere make sure you can't bring anyone in a group that inherits your group to you, ie prevents lower ranked players from moving high ranked players to them.
/Tp - Same thing but for /tp, low ranked players cannot teleport on their own to higher ranked players, they would need to be moved with /tphere
/Fabulous - Using the command /fabulous players can make their text SUUUPER (Rainbow)
/Whois - Returns useful information about a player including what groups they are in, and if they can ignore restrictions.
/Masstp - Teleports everyone of lower rank to you, how awesome is that?
/Say - Creative style messages using /say, just like /say used to be!
globalmessages - Turns on global messages informing you what admins are kicking who, whos banning who, whos killing who, etc
Rules - This defines your /rules, when players type /rules they will be able to see your custom defined rules.

LWC: Lightweight Chest Protection and Management

  • /lwc....
    • create public - Create a public chest ANYONE can access but not lock
    • create password <Password> - Create a password-protected chest
    • create private g:admins @Hidendra EvilGuy g:mods CoolGuy - Create a protected chest. @ denotes they are a chest admin (can add/remove users)
    • modify -EvilGuy Hidendra -g:mods - In the last command, this one would remove Hidendra's chest admin access, remove EvilGuy's access to the chest fully and also remove the group mods from access. - denotes removing them
    • free chest - Remove a chest, only the chest owner and LWC Admins can do this
    • free modes - Remove any modes on your player. For example, command persistence
    • info - View info on a chest. Chest admins, LWC admins/mods will be able to see extended info using this. Without either, you only see Type+Owner
    • persist - Any command you use will be usable more than one time. Ie, /lwc persist, and then /lwc info will let you info >1 chest when left clicking. Use /lwc free modes to reverse this
    • The following commands can only be used by LWC Admins
    • admin limits <amount> <groups/users> - Limits the list of groups/users to only be able to create so many protected chest (Protected=public,password,private). g:group denotes groups
    • convert <PluginName>
Example: /lwc create private Hidendra g:mods

Aliases: (don't need to add to users to use, it's a "redirect")

  • /cpublic - /lwc create public
  • /cpassword <Password> - /lwc create password <Password>
  • /cprivate - /lwc create private
  • /cinfo - /lwc info
  • more to come! These are not yet showed publicly in the help message (type just /lwc as always to see it)

LWC Admins
LWC admins are players with access to /lwcadmin. They can free+view+modify any chest and view extended info using /lwc info.

LWC Mods
LWC mods are players with access to /lwcmod. They can view+modify any chest* and view extended info using /lwc info.
* - lwc mods cannot view or modify chests owned by an lwc admin